Tocaya Organica Restaurant Sunset Strip

Los Angeles has no shortage of great restaurants for Mexican cuisine. Around almost every corner there is a great sit down restaurant or a taco stand that has great food. We love our Taco Tuesday’s here so the demand is high! Even our taco places all have styles of their own. You can enjoy great Mexican cuisine in a fine dining setting, or find a hidden gem with a taco truck. Sometimes you just need something a little in between these settings – and Tocaya is definitely the place.

Tocaya Organica Restaurant Sunset Strip was started in 2016, and now they have locations popping up all over the city – and for good reason! The casual restaurant allows you to roll in, order up front and sit comfortably and relax while your food is brought out to you. The company prides itself on good, healthy, and organic eating with a modern twist on Mexican cuisine. With everything from the traditional tacos and burritos, to the popular “muscle bowls” and fresh salads, there is something for everyone on the menu.

Tocaya Organica Restaurant Sunset Strip

Tocaya Organica Restaurant Sunset Strip

One of the best things about the venue? Substitutions are never judged. They get it, often encourage it, and will switch out your beans for avocado with no questions asked.  On top of this, most menu items come with a vegan option and over half the menu is gluten free.

Drinks? They really have got it all – cold pressed juices, teas, coffee’s and “agua fresca’s” give you limitless options. A few locations have some wine and beer selections for you as well – you’re eating healthy so why not treat yourself a bit?

Sunset Strip West Hollywood

Cool Tocaya Organica Drinks

Our favorite location is located on the Sunset Strip within Sunset Plaza, but you can find one of their many locations on their website link above. Oh, and if you needed another reason to check them out – just look at their desserts on their menu as well! See you there!

-By Lindsay at Glitterati Private Tours of Hollywood