Topless Van Tours in Hollywood and Beverly Hills

A recent investigation by NBC Los Angeles, concerns over 2 dozen topless van tour companies in Los Angeles that will soon be receiving letters from the Department of Transportation regarding the modifications and safety of their vehicles.  While many of these companies have their heart in the right place and wanting to provide the best experience for visitors, some have skirted regulations all together in terms of safety, training of guides, and the essential California Public Utilities Commission guidelines.

Glitterati Tours L.A. Vehicles

Glitterati Tours L.A. Vehicles

Glitterati Tours mentioned this in a recent post, and reminded guests to do a bit of research before booking a private tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

That being said, we feel for the many (good) companies that have collectively spent millions of dollars to offer up the perfect views of our fantastic city with vehicle modifications.

From NBC Los Angeles:

The federal government is now investigating one of the most famous tours in the world because of an NBC4 investigation. The I-Team series documented potential safety hazards of Hollywood tour buses, including showing how some seatbelts have been modified or removed altogether. The series also looked at how the buses have been customized so that they are “topless,” leading experts and officials to question their ability to protect passengers in the event of an accident.

Glitterati Tours only uses luxury SUV’s for their private tours, with zero after-market modifications.  We’re the first ones to admit that a topless van tour of Los Angeles offers up the best visibility and photo ops, but may not provide the best safety options…especially on the winding roads along Mulholland Drive and Beverly Hills.

Just as one would research hotels, museums and restaurants before visiting a city, also look into your transportation and touring needs.  Concierges at your hotels are also a great gauge on recommendations for the best (and safest) options during your stay, since they deal day in and day out with trusted vendors.