Tours of Hollywood and Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes

For decades, fans have been coming to Los Angeles to view Beverly Hills celebrity homes.  Even Lucille Ball did it on an episode of “I Love Lucy.”  One can find literally hundreds of Beverly Hills celebrity homes tours being offered up along Hollywood Boulevard.  Some seem better than others, but since we’ve never taken one of these open bus, limo, or van tours, we are unable to comment on their accuracy.  Often, and we see it during our tours, some drivers/guides pick the most visible homes and “tag” it to someone famous.  The unsuspecting visitor gets great photos of a visible home, but the information isn’t always correct.  They go home and show their family and friends an amazing photograph of an estate that belongs to “Johnny Depp,” when in reality, it belongs to a couple that made a fortune on commodity trading.  (Example: There’s a fantastic home that is on the hill, high above the Sunset Strip.  We’ve heard van guides tell their guests that it belongs to Sylvester Stallone, Merv Griffin, Robert Downey Jr., and Kenny Rogers).

Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes

Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes

You’ll absolutely see a handful of gates and hedges, no matter what tour company you choose.  In our case, we provide guests with an extensive library of iPad photos that take you beyond the privacy walls.  We keep up on the ever-changing real estate market and take pride in our knowledge of the area.

From our website on Beverly Hills celebrity homes:

With Glitterati, this is much more than a “Movie Star Homes Tour.” Most tours of Beverly Hills do not go as in-depth as Glitterati Tours. Sure, you will see the homes of your favorite celebrities from film, television, music and sports, but we will also take you back in time, sharing in detail, our stories about the rich history of these neighborhoods. This tour also includes the mega-mansions of the millionaires and billionaires that consistently make international headlines in numerous business journals. In addition to viewing the world’s most legendary estates in the magnificently landscaped communities of The Platinum Triangle, you will also tour the Hollywood Hills, loaded with hip modern celebrity homes and incredible city views.