Training Mate in Santa Monica

It’s the New Year! 2018 has finally come to a close and it’s time for a bright new 2019. With the new year of course comes New Year’s resolutions. Everyone has goals and a fresh outlook on what they want to improve in this upcoming year. It’s time for self care and let’s be honest, after the holiday season many of us are working on getting our fitness back on track, or even just looking to finally really hitting the gym and getting into our best shape. If you find yourself in Los Angeles you don’t have to worry about falling short on your new goals while vacationing. This city is FULL of fitness studios and gyms. Walk down any street and you will find some sort of workout you will enjoy.

Training Mate in Santa Monica

Training Mate Workouts Los Angeles

One of L.A.’s hottest spots to workout (as seen on Khloe Kardashian’s Revenge Body), is the ever friendly studio Training Mate. This studio is a high intensity interval training studio (HIIT) with an Aussie-twist (Training MATE, GET IT?), and is sure to bring on the laughs with their hilarious trainers. 2019 is looking bright for them as well as they just opened up their third location in Santa Monica. So if you find yourself at the beach freezing (it’s winter here, we may have the ocean and a beach but we are no Florida), you can bop over to their spot on the corner of Lincoln and Colorado Blvd for a nice little sweat session to warm up. Once you’re done, you can use their facilities to shower, get pretty, and head over to The 3rd Street Promenade for an afternoon of shopping. Sounds like a “legend” of a day!

The first class is always free at Training Mate. You can sign up by heading over to their website at ​www.trainingmate.com​ and using the promo code “mate” at checkout to redeem the free class. Arrive a few minutes early to meet the staff and trainer, but mostly just get ready to have fun and get sweaty.

Training Mate in Santa Monica is located at 1454 Lincoln Boulevard.

-By Lindsay