Visit the Friendly Cities of L.A. and Beverly Hills

Visit the friendly cities of L.A. and Beverly Hills!

Certainly, this has been one of the oddest summer holiday travel seasons on record for Los Angeles.  We’ve been in the business as Glitterati Tours for just over a decade, and in the industry for closer to 20 years.  Not since the early 90’s with the riots in L.A., the much-televised O.J. Simpson trial, and the Northridge earthquake, have we seen such an impact on tourism in the city.

Getty Center in Brentwood

Normally, we’d be sold out every single day during July and August, however, this 2019 is very hit and miss.  Some days tours trickle in, and other days we turn down about a dozen tours. We’ve heard from hotels, car rental companies, and major theme parks that are experiencing the same flux.

Hollywood Boulevard Sunsets

This is just our take on visitors coming to our city, but there are many potential factors in play:  The strong dollar against other currencies, the polices/politics/and agendas coming out of Washington D.C., the shootings in other states (Texas and Ohio), and the July earthquakes 2.5 hours north of Los Angeles in Ridgecrest.  Of course when the news comes out, just like the wildfires from last year, it sounds L.A. is a mess because we’re the closest major city to some California natural disasters.  It’s like Americans seeing the bush fires in Australia a few years back.  We thought everything from Melbourne to Sydney was in flames because of the news coverage.

Beverly Hills, California

We love our city, and we’re proud of it.  Come to Los Angeles and experience first-class customer service in a diverse and super friendly community.  This goes for hospitality, restaurants, tour companies, museums, concierge desks, and hotel staff.  We always get great feedback from our VIP’s about how awesome and friendly Angelenos are when it comes to customer service.  Just read our reviews on TripAdvisor as the #1 Tour Company for Beverly Hills!  Bottom line—L.A. won’t bite.  We thrive on our eclectic and diverse communities:  Chinatown, Korea Town, West Hollywood (large gay community), Little Armenia, Latino neighborhoods throughout the city, Thai Town, Little Ethiopia, Little Tokyo, the Persian population in Beverly Hills, and Pico/Robertson (large Jewish community). —just to name a few!