West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2017

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2017 Along Santa Monica Boulevard

Ready to party with 499,999 other folks at one of the largest Halloween gatherings in the world! The West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval is just 2 weeks away. It takes place on Halloween night, October 31st, from 6PM-11PM.

Costume Party on Santa Monica Blvd

Costume Party on Santa Monica Blvd

Santa Monica Boulevard will be closed from La Cienega to Doheny, which borders Beverly Hills. Look for the best costumes you’ll ever see, in the talented hub that is West Hollywood (actually known as the “Creative City”).

Most of this stretch will be shoulder to shoulder with people, so 100% don’t even think about bringing kids (especially strollers) or pets to this event. Trust us, we’ve seen this parade for years and it’s no place for little ones or dogs. Plus, the costumes can range from mild to extremely naughty and there will be a lot of flesh exposed. There will also be quite a few stages set up for live music and performances, and walking next to a speaker can be deafening.

Also, don’t bring any backpacks, camera bags or totes. You could be turned around and sent away. Organizers are asking attendees to keep any and all items in see-through plastic bags.

The event officially starts at 6PM, but definitely get there as early as possible. Parking (to use a Halloween term) is hellish! Once the sun sets, you could be stuck in traffic for hours. Overflow traffic will affect nearby streets like Sunset Blvd and Melrose Avenue.

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2017

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2017

There is no drinking allowed on the streets, but visitors will literally have hundreds of nearby spots to grab a cocktail or beverage. The corners between Robertson and San Vicente will be especially crowded, for there are bars like Trunks, Rage, Micky’s, Bar 10, The Chapel, PUMP Lounge, Mother Lode, Tortilla Republic, and The World Famous Abbey at this location.   With this in mind, and you’re on foot heading to the heart of the festival, best to grab drinks or nosh a little further east at places like Marix, Basix, The Gold Coast, Fubar, Kitchen 24, Fresh Corn Grill, Tender Greens, Shake Shack, Five Guys and Connie and Ted’s.

For public parking (while it lasts) and for an updated live music and entertainment roster, visit the official Visit West Hollywood site for Halloween Carnaval 2017.

Now that we’ve got the disclaimers out of the way, this really is a fun massive street party. Be safe, and enjoy.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN! …and remember, because of this venues proximity to the hills, behind every mask, there could be an A-list celebrity.  This is one of their favorite annual get-to-be-incognito-for-a-night activities.

With the horrific traffic conditions and street closures for Carnaval, Glitterati Tours of Beverly Hills only provides tours until 2PM on Halloween day.