What Are The Best Casinos in Los Angeles?

What are the best casinos in Los Angeles, and is gambling legal?  Absolutely.  In Los Angeles county, look for some major card rooms that specialize in tournament Texas Hold’em, Omahi Hi-Lo, 21 No Bust Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, Three Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em (a personal favorite, considering we’ve seen many major jackpots paid-out), Limit Hold’em, Pai Gow Tiles, Baccarat, Chinese Poker, Crazy 4 Poker, and so many others.  Of course, these selections will be dispersed amongst the most popular casinos. Most are located just south of Downtown Los Angeles.  They include The Bicycle Club, Hustler Casino, The Gardens Casino, and Commerce Casino.

What are the best casinos in Los Angeles

The Bike Club Casino LA

If Las Vegas style casino gambling is your deal, you will have to head out further east towards Palm Springs.  Here you will find a handful of casinos that offer thousands of slot machines, and other popular games like roulette, and craps.  Don’t be surprised by local regulations.  For example, on roulette, you may not see the ball drop into slots, but instead, it’s called mystery card roulette where you will have a rubber-tipped stopper stop on a card.  The card will be revealed that corresponds with the table and you may, or may not be a winner.  Not really a change in odds, however this doesn’t allow a player to bet on a “wedge,” since the numbers are hidden on the wheel.  Same thing goes with Craps.  Some casinos in this area may use cards to substitute dice, or may use a combo of dice and cards to decide a players ultimate fate.

Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs

Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs

The casinos towards the desert can include Fantasy Springs, San ManuelAgua Caliente Casinos,(two locations) and Morongo Casino.  When visiting these spots in the desert, keep in mind that many also have major Vegas style showrooms, where you can see A-list Hollywood talent, musical performances, and so much more.

Good luck all!