Where Are The Fires in California?

First, thank you to the dozens of past guests, and the domestic and international travel agents that have reached out to check on our safety during the fires.  Fortunately, we are safe, and our heart goes out to those in the affected areas.  No major fires have hit the general Hollywood or Beverly Hills areas.  When one sees the news, it can look like the whole state is up in flames.

This time of year is typically fire season in California.  It’s when the brush in the hills and mountains are at their driest, and when the Santa Ana winds can kick up.  In fact, last year at about this same time (and into December) California had the Skirball Fire, Creek Fire, Rye Fire, and the huge Thomas Fire.

So where are the fires in California now?  There’s two major ones that are making the news because of their devastation:

The Woolsey Fire in Malibu

The Woolsey Fire in Malibu

The closest one to Beverly Hills is about 30 to 45 minutes north west in the areas of Malibu, Calabasas, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Topanga and Agoura Hills. It’s the Woolsey Fire. It stretches from L.A. County to Ventura County.  As we write this, it’s burned over 97, 000 acres and it’s about 90% contained.

Where are fires in california

The Camp Fire in California

The worst fire in California’s history is The Camp Fire.  This one is just north of San Francisco and Sacramento. It has completely destroyed the town of Paradise. It’s burned over 150,000 acres, destroyed over 10,000 properties, and tragically taken about 70 lives (with approximately 1000 missing).  It’s currently 65% contained.

Californians and the world have been pouring in donations to these areas hardest hit.  If you wish to donate, most suggest the organizations of The American Red Cross and The Humane Society.  Both have been inundated with supplies, such as clothing food and bedding, so cash donations are recommended.

Helping Animals in Fires

Helping Animals in Fires

Some great advice:  If you live in any of the surrounding areas, bring in your domestic pets, and let the wild animals pass through your property.  Put out large pails of water.  The animals have lost their homes, and are scared and exhausted.  

Stay safe California.