Celebrity Homes Tour

Private Sightseeing Tours of Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills and Bel Air (also known as The Platinum Triangle)

  2 — 2.5 hours

With Glitterati, this is much more than a “Movie Star Homes Tour.” Most tours of Beverly Hills do not go as in-depth as Glitterati Tours.

Sure, you will see the homes of your favorite celebrities from film, television, music and sports, but we will also take you back in time, sharing in detail, our stories about the rich history of these neighborhoods. This tour also includes the mega-mansions of the millionaires and billionaires that consistently make international headlines in numerous business journals. In addition to viewing the world’s most legendary estates in the magnificently landscaped communities of The Platinum Triangle, you will also tour the Hollywood Hills, loaded with hip modern celebrity homes and incredible city views.

We want you to have the tour of your dreams!
If there is a particular celebrity or area that you’re interested in, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate you!

Why Choose Glitterati?

Fully Sanitized

Clean and comfortable luxury SUV

Custom itinerary based on your interests

Pick-up and drop-off at hotel, LA location of your choice, or LAX

Combine with other tours to make a full day

Multi-media iPad presentation of landmarks, famous homes, and filming sites

Complimentary bottled water

Flexible start time

Smaller vehicles means we can go where tour buses can’t

Guaranteed up-to-date information

100% private tours

What can you see on our tours?

Glitterati’s Celebrity Homes Tour has a general route within the Platinum Triangle that we can follow. Our standard tour features luxury mansions owned by popular stars and famous individuals, as well as iconic properties and settings featured in television shows and movies. However, this tour can also be completely customized at no extra cost to focus on the stars and sights you are most interested in.

Although we can never guarantee that you will have a star-sighting during our Celebrity & Star Homes tour, the discrete, less-imposing nature & smaller size of our vehicles means that we can get you closer to the sights you want to see and can facilitate a more positive interaction with any stars we do encounter.

Check out this candid encounter taken by guests during their Glitterati Celebrity Homes tour: they not only saw Keanu Reeves’ home, but the man himself!


Does the movie stars and celebrity homes tour include accurate information?

Absolutely. It’s our job! Just like an accountant has to be up on all the yearly changes with the tax codes, Glitterati Tours is constantly researching the movie stars and celebrity homes of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Bel Air, to make sure we are as current as possible. Who’s buying—who’s selling—how much is the real estate—history of the legendary homes –scandals—filming locations…it’s what we do.

I’ve heard most celebrity homes are surrounded by gates and hedges. What can we see?

True, some celebrity homes are not visible from the street, and a handful are located in gated communities that only residents have access to enter.  The majority of the properties we showcase on tours can be viewed along our route.  For those that are blocked, we keep an iPad on hand to show the aerial views and architecture of particular homes.  That being said, BEWARE the tour company that promises to show 50 A-list celebrity homes in 2-hours.  It’s just not possible.  Some tour companies traveling through Hollywood & Beverly Hills will point out the biggest mansions visible from the road, and tell their unsuspecting guests that major stars live there.  You then see camera flashes, and hear “oohs” and “aahs.”  This makes for a fascinating, but completely inaccurate tour.

Can you guarantee that I will see a celebrity during my tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills?

We wish we could. It can be very hit and miss. We’ve had guests that have been in the city for 2 weeks, and never had a celebrity sighting. Other guests have walked into a particular venue after getting off their plane, and spotted a dozen A-listers within 10 minutes. Quite often guests do see celebrities during our movie stars homes tour around Beverly Hills. Want to see a celebrity in Los Angeles? During your tour we’ll show you the bars, restaurants, cleaners, shopping areas, salons, hotels, nightclubs, and of course the police stations and courthouses, where one has the greatest opportunity for a celebrity sighting.

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